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What is TUMBAO

Fitness & Dance


What does TUMBAO mean ?
– In old days slaves , who arrived in Venezuela transported from Africa by Spanish conquerors, believed that the sound produced by the drums was the soul of rhythm, the music

-In our days is called the way that a woman walks (either she is sexy or not) and for latin musicians is the way that the bass is played. For us is : THE WAY THAT YOU MOVE! This means that each person has a different TUMBAO.

What is TUMBAO fitness & dance ?
It is a choreography that combines aerobic movements with expressive movements of body and dance techniques which help in fast learning of basic steps of latin rhythms such as merεngue, salsa reggaeton and others.

What kind of music does TUMBAO use?
Part of the principle of the Venezuelans drums , but at the same time any other kind of music.