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How to become an Instructor

Fitness And Dance

2Whatever you need to know about how to become TUMBAO INSTRUCTOR. The basic conditions we need from every one of you is a lot of interest for work, joy, energy a dose of crazyness and of course big love for dance !! For the practical part of how to become instructor.

We will need a small CV and also some information about your personal activities and interest especially when it comes to gymnastics or dance (send at info@tumbao.gr).

It will be made on 4-5 March. The seminar is made in a weekend and lasts 16 hours, every day has 8 hours of teaching. After the seminar it is very important all the participants follow the trainers to some of their daily classes ( with no charge ) so they get the expierience of a real class of TUMBAO and practice what they learned in the seminar . WHAT YOU WILL WIN FROM THE SEMINAR Learn the basic steps and the variatioin of them of latin rythmes, how to count a song and understand what rythm it is, how to creat a choreography, how to create the sense of a party inside our classes but as well as how to TEACH the people how to dance, understand our steps and learn about the danse culture of latin countries and last but not least we will show them the way to find work in gyms that want TUMBAO and are searching for instructors. WHAT DO YOU WIN AFTER THE SEMINAR After the seminar the participants will take a certification which certificates that they have attended the TUMBAO seminar and also that proves that they are legally allowed to teach tumbao (that they are official TUMBAO instructors ) .

The participants will recieve at the end of the seminar a CD and DVD with all the TUMBAO songs and choreografies ( including warm up & cool down ) which are their material to start a TUMBAO class. After the seminar the participant will be official TUMBAO instructors and will be registrated in the official TUMBAO site ( tumbao.gr ) .

That means that each participant will have their own profile in the website of TUMBAO so that they can promote their classes . In this way it will be more easy for tha people that want to have TUMBAO to find the instructor that they want depended on the area, the instructor and the free hours that they have.


The cost of the seminar is 280 euros .This price incudes the CD & DVD of TUMBAO songs and choreografies !!


Whoever sends the application for the seminar 5 days before the seminars will have 40 euros discount . So the seminar will cost 240 euros .


Last but not least in TUMBAO we are a team and we operate like one ! So we want each and every one of you to feel like a member of our team and go his classes to the next level by our help of course and his personal effort !!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INTEREST IN TUMBAO !! Your love, passion, effort and work will go TUMBAO where it deserves !!

Sincierly from the central office of TUMBAO and the creator PEDRO SANTANA !!!  

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